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I have known Arko for 13 years and have been best friends with his wife, Deepashree for 20 years. Their little guy, Yuvan calls me Mamu!

Deepashree is the reason why we did our PR application ourselves which then led to the e-books --> Potato Talkies. They came to Canada in 2018 and literally adopted us when we came in Mar 2020 in the middle of the pandemic.

June 30, 2021: We were sitting on Arko's couch and cribbing about how some mortgage agents are committing fraud and realtors luring uninformed first time home buyers into projects and homes that aren't right for them.

Light BULB moment. 

Nav: Bhai, let's do it - let's change the industry and help first time home buyers make better choices. 

Arko: Seriously? We can do that? 


Rest is history! Arko became a realtor and I became a mortgage agent, and together we are on a mission to leave the industry better than how we found it. 

Do you have to work with Arko's real-estate team when you work with me on the mortgage side?

No... ! But if you trust me & my team for the mortgage, you can trust Arko's team for real-estate because our values and mission align. 

We make a pretty awesome dream team that we never got when we were buying 😍

Realtor partners.

These good people care.

They will always do what's right for you.

They are in it with you for the next 3 decades.


"Couldn't ask for more. Navjot has guided us through the complete process so nicely that we never thought of taking any second opinion. He explained everything and impact of every decision we were going to take. He always builds relationship where you will have 100% trust. Navjot gives honest feedback about the situation without emotions involved which very important when you are a first home buyer. He is patient to answer all queries and give suggestions on how things can be done better. I will always recommend Navjot to anyone who wants to buy their first, second or third house..... Thanks a lot Navjot."
- Nidhi & Uma
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