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I see so many people buying pre-construction projects in Ontario and Alberta (the new fav!) because:

1. "You can do it with just 5% today"

2. "Free assignment"

If the market goes down, You lose money.

If the builder is full of shit, You lose money.

We are constantly looking for projects in Canada & US where I can make money. So whether it's pre-construction or resale / multi-family - I want to make sure that I MAKE MONEY.

I am also looking at homes that are:

1. Under distress

2. Power of sale / foreclosure

3. On the market for a long time

4. Off-market and more...

.... an exhaustive list collated using 40+ keywords that scream VALUE. 

I will share these deals with you, only when I have vetted them for myself.. And I will share these deals with proper numbers in my email to you with who the deal is for and who should absolutely avoid the deal.


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