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When I was a kid, my mother was a teacher in my school. 
If I did well in school, my classmates would bully me saying "you knew the paper, as your mum is friends with the teacher". If I did poorly, my teachers would complain about me to my mother.


So I was (intentionally) mediocre at School and that became a way of life  even through college - more of an inertia. 

Until I stopped being mediocre and started meeting some amazing people, who made me realise that we got 1 life and we can't waste it by living below our absolute potential!

Now, I am living a full life - built a 7-figure business and a small real-estate portfolio. I have struggled to get here. Failed businesses, making poor investment decisions and getting my ego in the way of learning.

Sounds relatable in some way? This is not just my story - there are so many of us who are holding ourselves back for 1 reason or another, not exploiting our TRUE POTENTIAL.

Which is why, I introduce to you - GROW NATION ACADEMY. A community driven financial literacy platform which is a GOLD MINE of all the resources you need to succeed in life and retire with a minimum of $5M+.​

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