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I have known Arko for 13 years and have been best friends with his wife Deepashree for 20 years. Their little guy, Yuvan calls me Mamu!

Deepashree is the reason why we did our PR application ourselves which then led to the e-books --> Potato Talkies. They came to Canada in 2018 and adopted us when we came in Mar 2020 in the middle of the pandemic.

June 30, 2021: We were sitting on Arko's couch and cribbing about how some mortgage agents are committing fraud and realtors luring uninformed first time home buyers into projects and homes that aren't right for them.

Light BULB moment. 

Nav: Bhai, let's do it - let's change the industry and help first time home buyers make better choices. 

Arko: Seriously? We can do that? 


Rest is history! Arko became a realtor and I became a mortgage agent, and together we are on a mission to leave the industry better than how we found it. 

Together, we are on a mission to build the largest team helping first time home buyers buy their first homes and we do things differently. For instance, we have a value deal program where we continuously search for value deals for our clients:


1. Under distress

2. Power of sale / foreclosure

3. On the market for a long time

4. Off-market and more...

.... an exhaustive list collated using 40+ keywords that scream VALUE. These are all vetted, researched and ready to go!

The objective is to get you something thousands of dollars under market value, so that you can win with equity in the next 2-5 years when the market is back in it's GLORY!

Here's the deal - you have to trust the team and the process. We come with a full team - a fantastic realtor, a number smashing mortgage agent, a dedicated research specialist and a detailed oriented lawyer. 

Once you close the deal - you enter GROW NATION - My inner circle of clients and business partners that make you win.

So if you are ready to WIN, fill the form below and let's get started.

[You will get an email with next steps after you fill the form - make sure to check SPAM]

All done!!
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